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Located in the heart of the Condamine market in Monaco

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A new approach to baking
By Chef Mauro Colagreco

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From his native country Argentina, to his terroirs in the French Riviera, the journey has been passionate. But above all it has been a journey marked with trips, discoveries, ambitions and hard work which led him to the top of his culinary art.


Convinced of the benefits of buying local food and of the strong links he has forged with the nature that surrounds him, chef Mauro Colagreco is committed to saving the planet.


Based on these values, he wants to give a different approach to bread, to give it back the place it should have never lost, that of "essential" in our society.

Whether it is from a social, political, gastronomic, and even religious point of view, bread has always been and still remains a universal product.


In order to give bread its nobility back, chef Mauro Colagrecos has focused on its origins, in its very essence: the Earth. His meeting with Roland Feuillas, founder of the Maîtres de mon Moulin and producer of flours made from certified organic ancient wheat, in Cucugnan, Aude, was the trigger for him.

In search of the bread of tomorrow, the Chef wants to change the world of bakery by offering a kind of bread that respects the environment.

«Bread is universal.

Bread is essential in our diet. It is the healthiest thing that our society can eat, but it can also, sometimes, be the most harmful for our body and our environment. We must be fully aware of this»

Mauro Colagreco

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The concept
Lively breads, natural sourdough, ancient wheat

Mitron Bakery offers a selection of breads made from ancient wheat flour cultivated in sustainable, controlled, certified organic and 100% natural agriculture.


These unmodified wheats turn into breads that are low in gluten, and therefore easy to digest. We also use these flours for our pastries.


The wheat is milled daily at our stone mill, in Menton, in order to preserve the freshness of the natural flour. The breads are made every day in our bakery in Menton with 100% natural and homemade sourdough.


Our breads are lively, sustainable and above all exclusive and delicious, combining different textures, colors and tastes.


Mitron Bakery is fully in line with the values of the Mauro Colagreco Group, and the entire processes of cooking, preparation and packaging are carried out following the guidelines to respect the environment and people.

« Through our commitment, we can make virtuous ecosystems flourish, and be in contact with the land and that which is most precious: its players and their know-how, their unique products, their culture, their history and their future. »

Mauro Colagreco

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A Unique Place
At the heart of the Condamine market in Monaco

The Condamine market is the perfect spot to have a bakery that gives a new approach to the world of bread and artisans.

Located at the Place d'Armes, in the heart of the lively neighborhood of La Condamine in Monaco, it brings together consumers, who are looking for authenticity and good fresh local products, to share a good moment together. 

In our bakery you will find our breads, pastries, viennoiseries and our new recipes, which are constantly being created by our Chef and his team.

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Our Branch of Products
Discover our breads, pastries, viennoiseries

All our breads and pastries are made using traditional methods. Our desire is to respect our environment, by using different kinds of ancient cereals, by respecting the products and our methods of production, while learning to consume in a more reasonable way.

Our products are available in order to accompany you at each moment of your day.


Discover our breads, which, according to their specificities, will adapt to your needs; our classic and original pastries; our selection of viennoiseries, or our fougasses.


Our coffees and cold drinks complete this offer, as well as a selection of delicatessen.

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